What can I put in my Skip?

A1Skips believe in recycling as much waste materials as possible so we're proud that all collected material in our skips are either reused or recycled; with no waste going to landfill. 

Items that cannot go into a skip:

  •  Paint cans, oil, car batteries, tires, asbestos or large electrical items.

Skip capacity:

  •  Maximum a skip can be filled is one foot above.
  •  A standard skip filled with soil, rubble and/or stone needs to be a level load.

Soil, rubble, stone:

  •  A Standard builder skip is ideal for this material.
  •  Soil, rubble or stone is not permitted in skip bags.
  •  Minimal amount of soil, rubble or stone is permitted in mini & midi skips but it cannot go above half way as this will be too heavy.

Skip Bag Terms & Conditions

For further information about the Terms & Conditions of using a Panda skip bag, please click here.

Skip permits:

If you require a skip permit or are unsure please contact the office to make your booking on 01 424 5099.
Reasons you may require a permit for your skip is if your skip is being left on: double yellow lines, paid parking, footpath or a loading bay.


General Waste

Your residual waste is collected into a sustainable fuel source, RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), which is used as a replacement for fossil fuels in the generation of electricity. Panda are the largest producer of RDF in Ireland, exporting 247,000 tonnes of RDF. This amount of RDF will generate 140,000 MWh of electricity; enough electricity to power 26,000 homes for a year.



Your recyclables are reprocessed into useful products. This could mean recycling plastic bottles into something completely different from its original state such as a plastic chair.

Anything that we cannot recycle is used to make SRF; an alternative fuel source to coal. Four tonnes of SRF are equal to three tonnes of coal. Panda produce and supply 180,000 tonnes of SRF to Irish cement companies as a coal-replacement product, which has since eliminated the need to import 135,000 tonnes of coal. Panda is the largest producer of SRF in Ireland.