Services Provided for Jet VACs

Panda provide tanker services for domestic, commercial and industrial.

Should you have any further queries on the services provided please contact us on 1890 62 62 62 (option 2) where a designated representative can discuss your requirements.

Panda offer domestic, commercial and industrial Drain cleaning services. Drain cleaning dislodges grease build-up and debris of vertical & horizontal piping for large and small diameter piping. Build-up forms around the walls of the pipe shrinking the diameter thus inhibiting flow. High pressure flushing cuts through the build-up, unblocking it and bringing the pipe to its original state.

Pipe CCTV Surveying

At Panda we provide the latest technology in CCTV pipe surveying. Our equipment can survey pipelines from 75 mm up to 2 meter in diameter. We are capable of surveying up to 600 meters of pipes in 1 run. As a result, the client receives DVD with the recorded video and hard copy report with the result of the survey. As part of the drain cleaning service we can check underground pipe conditions quickly and cost effectively. 

In-pipe Robotic Cutting

We are capable of hydro cutting of pipes from 100 mm up to 900 mm. Also we have portable robotic cutting unit a result the unit can be removed from the van and taken to inaccessible areas.

Pipe Relining

Our services range from patching pipelines to full manhole to manhole relining.

Sonar Pipe Tracing

Sonar Tracing is used to locate the direction and depth of the drain. When used in conjunction with a camera we are able to pinpoint any defect in the drain and mark the surface so that an excavation can be carried out.

Sludge Transportation

Our articulated tankers cans transport up to 30 m3 and rigid tankers can transport up to 18 m3 of sludge.