Fingal General Information

Fingal General Info

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Our service to you:

  • Your black bin collected every week. That’s right , 52 black bin collections a year.
  • Your Green Bin collected Every Two Weeks – you can put all your plastics in your green bin.
  • Your Brown Bin Collected Every Two Weeks
  • Compostable Bags. Please Read Below.
  • Various Methods of payment click here [PDF]
Bank Holiday Colections: Please note that collections on a bank holiday take place as scheduled on your collection calendar. If your bins are to be collected on the Monday please leave them out the night before collection as usual. 
Replacement bin policy: Please note that if a replacement bin is required there is a replacement charge of €40 per bin. The bins are the responsibility of the customer so therefore it is up to the customer to look after them responsibly and keep them in a safe place. 

Bin weights: We would like to draw your attention to the limits on weights permitted in bins, set out below, which come from the Fingal CoCo Bye Laws. If your bin exceeds these weights it may be rejected. The Bye Laws can be viewed at Fingal CoCo household Waste Byelaws 2006. 

Panda waste management is present in Counties Louth, Meath and Dublin and services over 150,000 domestic customers. Tanker & Skip Hire, Household & Commercial Waste Management & Recycling from Panda Waste Management Solutions.

140 litre wheeled bin: 25 kilogrammes
240 litre wheeled bin: 40 kilogrammes
1100 litre eurobins: 200 kilogrammes

Please note that this is in section 7 (g) page 6 in the document. 

At Panda, composting is an integral part of our waste management. Panda is committed to working alongside the new (Household Food Waste and Bio Waste) Regulations 2013 (S.I. No. 71 of 2013) which have come into effect.

Under this regulation householders should be aware of their legal obligation to separate all food & garden waste and ensure that it is not placed in the general waste bin.

This regulation requires the roll out of brown bins for agglomerations of 25,000 or more from the 1st July 2013.

The regulation hopes to reduce the amount of food and bio waste that is currently sent to landfill by giving customer a bi-weekly collection of the brown bin.

Please click here to see items accepted in the Brown bin. [PDF]

Only compostable bags are accepted in the brown bin. Any brown bins presented for collection with plastic/ bio-degradable bags will be rejected. The alternative to compostable bags is to wrap the food waste in newspaper.

Great News : No more labels for Fingal Tender Customers. 

Rolling out our latest technology to our entire customer base.

Since 2006, Panda have utilised truck based computer systems which read an electronic chip within the wheelie bin. Currently Panda provides this service to 90,000 customers in Dun Laoghaire and Louth. By introducing this technology to our new Fingal tender customers, they no longer need to place a paid up to date information label on any of their bins. Panda’s system will recognise the credit status of the customer’s account into which their bins are registered. 

Your Brown Bin already has an electronic chip. However Panda will need to put a chip in your Black and Green bins. This chipping project will take place over the coming months.  Panda will inform you a week in advance that we will be in your area carrying out this bin chipping task.

Please note that a Tag must still be placed on a Black bin for it to be emptied until we go live with the system.