DLR Bag Collections

DLR Bag Collections

Please note that Panda have taken over the DLR CoCo bag collections from Monday the 14th of October.

Collection day: Your Collection Day will remain the same as it is now. You will be notified of any changes in the future in writing.

Pricing: There will be no change in the domestic pricing

DLR Bag collection

€4.50 per one waste bag + one recycling bag

Please note any additional recycling bags will be charged at €2 as previously charged by DLR CoCo
DLR Brown bin Caddy label €2 per Label per Caddy

Collection frequency will remain the same:

- Weekly Collection Domestic Waste

- Fortnightly Collection Domestic Recycling

Will Panda collect my DLR Bags?

General waste: Yes, but only for the first month of collections. 

Recycling: We will take all the DLR recycling bags up until the 01/11/2014.

Shops selling Panda bags:

Panda bags are available in the Centra Shop, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire. This shop is beside the entrance to Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre on Marine Road. It is opposite the Church.

Please note that if you cannot get the bags from the shop alternatively you can call our call centre to order bags. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery and note that an administration cost of €3.00 for all orders under €30.

Commercial bag collections:

DLR Commercial label prices:

Now €4.50 per label

Please note these labels can be ordered from our domestic call centre agents on 1890 62 62 62 (option 4). These orders will be processed immediately and will take 2-3 working days for delivery.

Collection of the commercial bags will be: Weekly or Twice weekly.

**Please note this collection is only for customers who were transferred to us from DLR CoCo. **

Should you have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact our customer care line on 1890 62 62 62 (option 4)